Locally sourced wood, crafted to make unique pieces of furniture.

Whatever species the difference in character in each tree is the real start of the journey and it's always exciting when you finally cut it open to reveal the hidden beauty which you will be the first to see. Regardless of how long the tree has been down it takes either years to air dry which never gets it dry enough to use indoors or weeks in our kiln.

After that we can start to imagine the many possibilities to make something unique, be it a table, bench, lamp or maybe a mirror, the options are endless.

Our idea of a true wooden item is to try to leave as much of the unique character of each, tree knots, shakes in the wood, even the unusual patterns made by fungi all contribute to the something very special.

To compliment the natural beauty of the wood we like to combine other materials such as glass, steel, stone and of course wool into my designs.

‚ÄčLike all our products they can be commissioned and tailored to suit your own needs.

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Hand made items to provide simple but effective colour to any room.

Dolly mixtures/Sassie Lassies and Laddies

The Dolly Mixtures are individually handcrafted using high quality materials such as silk / mohair, pure wool and natural fibres. Each doll is approximately 46cm long with a variety of hair styles and colour choices available. Unique in design they can be tailored to suit many occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day or simply to say thank you to a special friend.
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