Dolly mixtures/Sassie Lassies and Laddies

The Dolly Mixtures are individually handcrafted using high quality materials such as silk / mohair, pure wool and natural fibres. Each doll is approximately 46cm long with a variety of hair styles and colour choices available. Unique in design they can be tailored to suit many occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day or simply to say thank you to a special friend.

Home decor

Hand Made items to provide that unique touch to your home.


Add a special touch to a room with a unique ceramic creation.

Painting and pictures

Unique framed paintings & pictures using different mediums to create different effects. All paintings & pictures are originals by Wood & Wool’s very own artist Julie McIntosh. Please note that our previews are for illustrative purposes only.


Hand made items to provide simple but effective colour to any room.

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